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FileMaker Hosting

We are Authorised FileMaker® Pro Resellers.

We offer a Fixed-Fee FileMaker Cloud®/AWS® (Amazon Web Services) Setup Service.

We have 22 years proven experience in advising on and setting up appropriate FileMaker Pro® hosting environments and associated licencing bundles for both cloud and office-based server solutions.


Remove the Hassle & Reduce the Cost

It simply removes the hassle and expense of you having to run, maintain and backup your own FileMaker hosting solution.

Monitored & Backed Up Offsite

From the moment it is plugged into your network we continually monitor it’s performance and make sure it’s backed up offsite.

Immediate Replacement Server

So if your building goes up in flames you get a replacement server with your solution in place the very next day - ensuring that you can continue where you left off.

Extensive Benefits of a Managed Server

5 daily backups, including one to an offshore facility, as an encrypted file | Unlimited support/upgrades | Full time monitoring | Use of a fully licensed copy of FileMaker Server (RRP: £864.00).

Onsite Managed Server – £120 a month*


Hosting your FileMaker® solution in the cloud is the preferred option if you need to get to your data whilst on the move or share your data with remote users and/or across multiple sites.

We recommend FileMaker’s partnership with AWS® (Amazon Web Services®) and as Authorised FileMaker® Resellers offer a ‘Fixed-Fee’ setup service to include everything you need to get started including:
• FileMaker® licences
• AWS® server (setup in your own name)
• FileMaker® Cloud Configuration and Control Panel (setup in your own name)
• 20 minutes of one-to-one remote training
• Year 1 SSL Certificate Installation (following 90 day trial)

AWS’s pricing model is flexible, scaleable and based on your actual usage so that you only ever pay for what you need – ensuring a cost-effective solution for organisations of all sizes – from 5 to 100 users.
A minimum download/upload of 6500/680 kb/s is recommended check your speed »

Dedicated Tier 3 ISO 27001 Certified Data Centres

Fully Protected Power Supplies

Full Physical and Network Security + Offshore Backups

Monitored 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

from c.50 USD per month*

*AWS Hosting Fees are calculated on the actual file size and bandwidth usage in any given month so will vary from one month to the next.
The quoted 50 USD/month – in this example – is based on an invoice generated on 12/02/2018 for a 16.4mb file and 2 users on an annual AWS contract (excluding FileMaker Pro Licences).
FileMaker Cloud supports FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go & WebDirect.


If you prefer hosting your data onsite or have a solution that is only ever accessed by users when working in your offices then you could consider hosting your solution on your own onsite server.

If required, we are able to liaise directly with your preferred IT Provider and advise and quote for setting up a FileMaker Hosting Environment to meet Filemaker’s technical requirements.

Additional Information

All pricing excludes UK VAT and FileMaker Pro/Go/WebDirect Licencing which is sold separately.


“Storing our FileMaker backups offsite really paid off when our in-house FileMaker server unexpectedly died on us. With a minimum of fuss MF Software Solutions very speedily got the whole system back up and running again, allowing us to get back to work. Thank you again for a superb service!”

Simon Guiton, Managing Director VetIndex Limited, Bath


Please feel free to contact us for advice on how FileMaker may be able to help you improve on your business processes.

As experienced FileMaker developers, we have developed solutions for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of applications.

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